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Cable Net is the distributor for one of the leading DC Power systems manufacture (Enatel) in the region and can support the clients with customized solutions and any installation & Training requirements. The product range includes DC Power systems, Modular rectifiers, Inverters etc. for Telecom and Industrial applications.


Cable Net is the distributor for a wide range of grid tied solar inverters also. This includes 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.8kW and 4.0 & 5.0kW dual MPPT grid tied solar inverters


Cable Net specializes in providing a wide range of Standby Power Solutions used in Telecommunications, Networking, Wireless and Industrial Segments globally as well as Grid Tied Solar Inverters for the Renewable Energy Sector and Motive Power Chargers for the Industrial Battery Sector.


TELECOM POWER SOLUTIONS:  Fully customizable systems designed to meet every Telecommunication requirement, from Access Node to Datacenter – we have you covered. Solutions offer flexibility and scalability, by way of hot pluggable combinations of modular AC-DC rectifiers, DC-AC inverters, DC-DC converters, advanced monitoring and control.


INDUSTRIAL POWER SOLUTIONS:   For Powering, Controlling and Protecting Key Infrastructure within Industrial Environments - from Generation, to Transmission and Distribution, our products offer unparalleled support, reliability and efficiency.


MOTIVE POWER SOLUTIONS: Providing high efficiency chargers designed for conventional charging or fast charging of most batteries.


SOLAR POWER SOLUTIONS:  Range of Grid Tied Solar Inverters for the global market




  • DC Power Systems
  • Modular Rectifiers
  • Modular Inverters
  • Solar Inverters