Racks & Enclosures



Cable Net is a distributor of a wide range of racks and enclosures. We provide solutions for Networking, Servers, Data Centers, Outdoor applications, Industrial usage and Telecommunication,   utilizing basic 19" Racks, Cabinets and Accessories.


Networks Solutions:  Our wide range of products help protect the Network Structure and offer a safe storage environment. The Cabinets have a great design, high performance as well as offering low cost, time-saving installation. 


Data Center Solutions: Cable Net datacenter solutions offer high performance, continuity of work and energy efficiency. We provide managed, scalable and high efficiency solutions to datacenter projects. Thanks to ''Isolated Cold & Hot Aisle'' applications, Cable Net provides high-energy efficiency and low operating costs. Power distribution units -PDUs- serve as a connection point of active devices. PDUs provide energy management and monitoring. PDU software offers remote access control for environment monitoring and cooling systems. There is a virtual task of datacenters that requires reliable, flexible and scalable infrastructures with guaranteed performance. Datacenters guarantees a continuity of service quality and additionally, ensures energy savings.


Outdoor Solutions: Cable Net provides outdoor enclosures which are double panelled with a robust, sturdy Aluminum extruded framework, providing maximum protection against environmental impacts, vandalism, EMC and extreme thermal solutions. For use whenever outdoor cabinet protection is a must. Our outdoor enclosures are effective against Electromagnetic Immissions and Emissions, and simultaneously protect the surroundings from Emitted Radiation.   




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